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People from various countries are learning languages ​​and cultures at I.C.NAGOYA in order to spread their wings around the world. In response to this, I.C.NAGOYA has continued to pursue the importance of communication through language education and cross-cultural understanding education for over 40 years since its predecessor, the Sony Language Laboratory Nagoya School, which opened in 1982. “Transcending nationality, gender and age, improve communication skills, develop human resources who can think and act from a global perspective, and contribute to local and international societies.” This is the philosophy of I.C.NAGOYA, and the ideal that both faculty and students aspire to. We value the relationships between people, and believe that true language education is not only about linguistic knowledge, but also about conveying the awareness and way of thinking behind words. All the faculty and staff will continue to make further efforts in order to value the individuality of each learner and provide an environment in which students can achieve their goals.

Our university offer few courses

  • Japanese Course
  • English, Other Languages

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